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EPIC is founded on the basic premise of the nation's best practices: fundamental principles in anti-bullying, facilitation methodology, the understanding and proper utilization of learning styles and collaborative groups, and the incorporation of a set of success descriptors that become the common language of both the school system and the community which include, respect, responsibility, acceptance, empathy, priorities, integrity, courage, caring and citizenship. The comprehensive approach of involving all those within the school community, including not only the teachers and instructional assistants, but administrators and counselors, school support staff, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and students and parents, is one of its many highlights. Also coming together to complete the EPIC Journey success formula are community members such as law enforcement, juvenile services, and religious and other youth serving organizations.

The training for the implementation is an intense, two-day training, by professionals in the field, and involves all the vital components of the methodology and pedagogy involved within EPIC. Because the all-inclusive list of stakeholders who are a part of the EPIC trainees and because of such an intense training, no one is left without the vital knowledge of the EPIC success formula and its implementation strategy. Together with the intended purpose of EPIC-to encourage, protect, invest and connect, the total formula is, without a doubt, an EPIC journey worth the ride..

For more information about EPIC and how to bring the program to your community contact us at 1-877-852-5628 or through our contact page.

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