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The first MORALKOMBAT (MK) program was implemented in response to the unfilled needs of regional courts, schools, and youth service organizations in Northeast Tennessee. All MK programs have their foundation in CHARACTER COUNTS! Six Pillars of Character. MK programs allow at-risk youth the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, while instilling a sincere desire to control and improve their behavior and change their belief systems.

MORALKOMBAT inspires positive changes from within! All MK programs use "best practices" approaches, including cognitive behavioral and rational emotive therapeutic strategies. Our programs utilize proven effective methods such as experiential and service learning and are facilitated by professionally trained and experienced mentors. MK programs are also "evidence-based", having been independently evaluated by outside researchers. On average, 80% of MK graduates do not re-offend.




To provide and allow at-risk youth, adults and their families the opportunity to participate in prevention and intervention programs in East Tennessee by utilizing the nation's best practices, researched and evidenced based (effective) programs. The primary focus is to provide educational and therapeutic curriculum and/or a frame-work, group work and/or classes, and training to schools, businesses, and organizations on bullying, character education, drugs and alcohol, teen driving, family aggression and parenting education. The Institute operates by the Golden rule as its key business strategy and positive culture change as its foundation. Acceptance and tolerance is the heart of its existence.



"Great! Informative! Gave me ability to talk about things & to learn things I didn't know based on my own statements as well as other people's. It helps to open up. You don't feel "alone in this" anymore. I hope my daughter got even a fraction of the help and understanding I feel I received from this class. Thank you!" Julana H., Parent

"I feel like this class is very good for everyone in here and it seems to be teaching me a lot... I don't think there was a least helpful part of this class because every bit of it was a learning experience. Yes, this class has really helped me learn from my mistakes and it was done in a wonderful way. Even to have fun! And the teacher was helpful and nice!" Kurtis H., Teen

"I think it is a really good process… it helped me a lot through this 4 weeks. I would recommend this class because it makes you see a different perspective." Hector M., Teen

"I really liked the class. I got to express my feelings and get it all out. I would recommend this class because if you’re lost and you’re struggling with bad decisions then this would be the right class." Crystal M., Teen

"I think this class can really help teenagers and maybe even save a few, too."" Tyler J., Teen

"The class allowed a lot of frustration to be released in a safe environment. I would recommend this class to allow parents to realize that it’s not always the parenting skills as much as the child’s “choices” that has brought them to this situation." Lisa M., Parent

"I wasn't excited to give up a Sat. morning but I am glad I came because it was encouraging & comforting to know we’re in this together! Good info. Offers hope & encouragement to weary parents. I appreciated everyone sharing their story -- everyone was very open. We're all trying to get these kids to the next level." Carol M., Parent

"At first I didn't want to come because I thought it was a waste of time. Now I enjoyed coming. I've learned a lot -- to spend more time with my child and to know him as a person and not a trouble teen. (By coming) You find out you’re not alone and people like you are having troubles with their teens. Understanding that there is good and bad in all and try to bring out the good." Doris C., Parent

"I had put off coming to this class but it was actually very interesting and I actually enjoyed it! I wished I hadn’t put it off!" Lisa B., Parent

"I believe this class has made me feel that I am not alone in what I am dealing with as far as my teenager. It gives you a better understanding of how to deal with the problem at hand." Sherrie S., Parent

"I thought the class was cool & help with how to control my anger. It help show me I don't have to always finish my battles & I can actually stay out of trouble." Adam F., Teen

"It was helpful and made me understand why violence is never the answer. My facilitator was amazing." Alexandra W., Teen

" I was very surprised at how wonderful it was. I love the interaction and I learned so much. I feel like it has helped me and I really think it could help others." Terri P., Teen

"I'm over-all glad I took this class. It helped me realize I don't need drugs and alcohol in my life. ... Thank you for helping me get my life straight and realize my problems and how to fix them." Leia L., Teen

"The class gave me many ways of thinking and interpreting situations and the ability to make better decisions in life." Bradlee F., Teen

"It helps to be able to explain and talk about your bad habits. Talking to someone helps you control and overcome them." Ben R., Teen

"The class helped me to realize I should make better decisions. It was a good experience. The class helps you find other ways to deal with your problems. It helps you to think about your future." Katie G., Teen

"It was a great class because it helps you realize where you could go if you keep doing what you’re doing." Kevin C., Teen

"This class made me see that what I’m doing is not good for me or my body and that I’m not only hurting myself, I’m hurting other people who love me." Blaike P., Teen

"I liked the class. It was interesting. The class taught me a lot about life and what could happen if I continue down the same path. This class can only benefit you and help you make decisions." Allie J., Teen

"I would recommend this class to people who have the same problems that I had. It could help them understand why they should change." Chris T., Teen

"I liked it because the things we talk about makes me stop and think about what's best for me. I think this class is good for people like me because it makes you realize what you've done is wrong and selfish. It opened my eyes to reality. It's honestly made me a better person and helped me make wiser decisions." Taylor N., Teen

"Very interesting. I think it’s awesome. Actually had a great time. Teacher was awesome. It was a real eye opener to people, especially me." Arielle D.

"It helped me realize more how what you do effects not only me but everyone around me." Shelby P., Teen

"This class was a great opportunity. It makes people have an opportunity to do right instead of putting them on probation or jail." Mackenzi W., Teen

"This class has helped me a lot. It has changed my life. I would recommend this class because it will turn their life around and help them like it did me." Taylor P., Teen