Our graduates say it best...
(Letters from program participants)


"Dear Carrie, MK helped me because it helped me get over my Papaw's death." J.A.


"Dear Carrie, This program has taught me a lot. I was in MK6 for shoplifting. This class made me want to better myself. I will grow from this mistake and make better decisions. I thank you for having this class and making this information stick to our brains. It has helped me a lot!" A.W.


"Dear Carrie, I really didn't know what to expect when I first came to this class. I thought it would be worthless, and not help me. I was pleasantly surprised. I stole a lot...I mean all of the time before I was in this class. Kasi helped me realize the harm I was causing myself and my family. I couldn't thank her enough for this class and for opening my eyes to the bad I was doing. Because of this class, and only this class, I can honestly say I will NEVER steal again. Thank you Carrie for understanding how teenagers are and for using your past to help others." M.M.


"Dear Carrie, This class has taught me numerous things. It has taught me to be a more respectful person and a good citizen." S.H.


"Dear Carrie, I just want to thank you. I know it is hard to believe, but this one 3 hour class has changed my perspective on life completely. I learned how going to school affects my life so much more than I thought. I would love to find a way to take this class on a regular basis because you have no idea how much it has changed me." D.G.

"Dear Carrie, Thank you for this class. I think it is a good idea that this class is an option because of the second chance choice. I learned many things from this class." E.B.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for your course because it taught me that decisions like to text and drive can affect my family and friends if something were to happen to me." A.C.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for creating these programs. They are real eye openers and really have the potential to help teenagers." L.B.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for creating this class. I’ve learned so much from participating and how to handle being behind the wheel. Now I know that why I am here is for a good cause." A.D.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for creating this. It helped me not want to smoke or dip anymore." T.F.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for making this program. It has helped me very much. I hope it helps others in the future." J.G.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for creating this program and hiring such sweet, funny, caring people to help troubled kids like us." H.W.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for creating this class. It is a far better way to teach safety to teenage drivers than charging them and making them pay fines." A.W.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for this class. It’s helped me realize the things I do while driving aren’t the best or the safest. I’ll make sure to improve." T.Y.


"Dear Carrie, Thank you for putting me in this class to help me realize what could happen when driving." A.D.


"Dear Carrie, I appreciate you for creating this course. I feel like I will think twice before speeding and I feel it has been a great class." C.F.




"Felt good to hear other people talk about their problems, lets you know you're not alone. It helps to know your child is not the only one who does wrong and it's not always your fault. Very good experience, everyone was really nice. I'm thankful other people care." S.B., Parent