MORAL KOMBAT Institute of Ethics is the non-profit sister organization of the for profit Foundations for Life Principles, LLC. Its operation is primarily funded by FLP (Foundations for Life Principles, LLC).









To provide and allow at-risk youth, adults and their families the opportunity to participate in prevention and intervention programs in East Tennessee by utilizing the nation's best practices, researched and evidenced-based (effective) programs. The primary focus is to provide educational and therapeutic curriculum and/or a framework, group work and/or classes, and training to schools, businesses, and organizations on bullying, character education, drugs and alcohol, teen driving, family aggression and parenting education. The Institute operates by the Golden Rule as its key business strategy and positive culture change as its foundation. Acceptance and tolerance is the heart of its existence.


The organization provides scholarships for youth and their families for counseling / emotion control / communication / conflict resolution, anger management, drug counseling, and parenting education for parents and caregivers.