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Information about Carrie D. Marchant

Carrie Davis Marchant was born in a small rural town in Southwest Virginia. Growing up in the spiritually and culturally-rich Appalachian community helped shape Carrie's values of integrity, honesty, caring, community-involvement, and especially her ability to never give up and look at adversity as an opportunity. Those who know Carrie, refer to her as "larger than life" with a heart to match. She inspires all she touches even briefly. Over the years, personal experience honed and strengthened those core beliefs. For her, "practicing what you preach" comes as naturally as breathing.

Personal trauma at an early age drove a desire to be an advocate for youth, families and those in need, and to help them reshape the future on an ethical basis. Carrie has many years of experience in facilitation (developing her own unique style), curricula design, effecting change as an ethicist and master trainer for the Josephson Institute of Ethics, bringing about progressive change with experiential learning and hands-on experience with youth, excelling in making many positive culture changes to adult probation programs, thriving as an adjunct professor in criminology, and succeeding happily in her greatest accomplishment of raising four wonderful children.

Carrie wrote the successful MORAL KOMBAT programs for at-risk youth and their families. She received her Master's Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from East Tennessee State University. She is currently serving as an adjunct faculty for the Criminal Justice / Criminology Department at Northeast State Community College in Blountville, TN and has previously served as adjunct professor at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN.

Carrie is the Single Member/President of Foundations for Life Principles (FLP), incorporating all her vast experience, education, and drive into a multifaceted ethics-based organization with an array of services offered. MORAL KOMBAT has grown to 10 specific programs, and is the flagship. With FLP, Carrie has expanded the scope of reach into education, business ethics, policy advocacy, personal development, in-home family services, and publishing nationwide. (MORAL KOMBAT can be purchased on

For Carrie, the staff at FLP, her family, and friends, the future looks bright; and every day brings new challenges and opportunities.